[Video] How to empower your advisors with Narrator Connect

December 16, 2016 by Kyle J. Johnson

How to empower your advisors with Narrator Connect

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Empowering advisors with Narrator® Connect APIs

Creating a financial plan can be a very detailed, tedious process. With the FinTech tools available today, however, this process can be much more automated. Firms can now make their planning and sales processes more efficient by adding financial planning. With Narrator Connect, the advisor can spend more time providing advice and selling products rather than spending all their time creating the financial plan. [Continued below]


Narrator® Connect from Advicent enables firms to deliver custom financial applications to acquire and educate clients, deepen relationships, and improve efficiency. The firm is able to do so by providing a fully customizable, integrated, and differentiated experience. Applications created with Narrator Connect APIs give clients access to information and tools such as financial plans, personal financial management, account aggregation, secure document sharing, collaboration tools, and more.

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