Whitepaper | Connecting the dollars to digital

October 12, 2016 by Katelyn Rattray

Connecting the dollars to digital: the ROI behind digital advice whitepaper cover

About the author:

Katelyn Rattray

Senior content marketing specialist

Katelyn strives to deliver high-quality educational content to advisors in the financial services industry. She enjoys collaborating with all departments to showcase the thought leadership through the organization and leverage the knowledge and expertise of the Advicent team. Katelyn hopes to empower advisors with tools to boost their marketing efforts through content marketing and technology.

Free whitepaper | Connecting the dollars to digital: the ROI behind digital advice

It is hard to ignore the hype around The Digital Revolution in financial services. As with anything new and trendy, many cannot help but wonder if it is here to stay or if it will be nothing but an afterthought by next year. Are the early adopters really reaping the rewards of embracing FinTech trends?

The answer is an overwhelming yes – dollars and digital go hand in hand. Utilizing available FinTech tools has proven to be beneficial for both clients and advisors in every step of the planning process.

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