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Invest in your clients. Invest in your story. Invest in Naviplan by InvestCloud.

As an independent company, we have the ability to make quick decisions and remain innovative in our product changes and improvements.

Advicent is able to efficiently take customer feedback and make the appropriate improvements throughout our line of products in order to effectively assist financial advisors in their workflows.

Our Naviplan product suite is designed to enable advisors to take their clients from prospect to plan. We offer solutions to guide clients through every step of the financial planning process, from very complex high net worth plans to simple plans for beginning investors. The Naviplan by InvestCloud products are not only designed to satisfy the needs of every type of investor, but are also used in firms of all sizes, from family offices to independent advisors to regional banks to enterprise financial service organizations.

Trust remains one of the biggest reasons investors choose their advisor. The Naviplan by InvestCloud product suite builds credibility and transparency in the client-advisor relationship through innovative technology, holistic financial planning, and proactive client communication. With changing industry regulations, we believe that supporting your advice with a comprehensive financial plan is the most effective way to remain compliant. The addition of innovative client-facing technology to the financial plan enables advisors to exceed the heightened expectations of consumers today. Naviplan by InvestCloud tools empower advisors throughout the entire client journey while keeping financial planning at the core.

Advicent acquires Figlo

Advicent acquired leading Dutch financial services provider, Figlo, to expand its interactive, client-facing technology to strengthen the client-advisor relationship in 2014. The Figlo acquisition led to the release of two new tools in 2015, including our API application builders for NaviPlan in the U.S. and Figlo in the Netherlands.

Advicent is also consistently experiencing growth through our strategic partnerships and our software integrations. Through these partnerships and integrations, we have been able to provide a holistic planning experience to advisors and their clients around the world. We continue to sustain the high quality of our current product offerings, while always working toward new features and capabilities.

InvestCloud acquisition of Advicent

The InvestCloud acquisition of Advicent aims to combine the best of both companies to produce a global leading financial planning solution. Naviplan by InvestCloud acquisition accomplishes this by combining Naviplan's cash flow and tax financial planning engines with InvestCloud's digital platform to bridge the advisor-client communication gap.

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Through our innovative product capabilities and dedicated services, we are able to help thousands of financial professionals and their clients understand and impact their financial future. Our mission? To one day enable everyone to achieve this same goal.