Product update | NaviPlan 21.0 release

February 22, 2021 by John Heinen

NaviPlan 21.0 release

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John Heinen

Chief technology officer

As chief technology officer, John provides strategic, operational, and programmatic support of our products to the greater Advicent organization, our partners, and the industry. He leverages his decades of software development and product management experience to define business and product strategies, work directly with clients in providing technology solutions, and build product and service delivery organizations that deliver results while meeting regulatory requirements.

Our latest version of NaviPlan delivers annual updates to tax and Morningstar values.

Tax updates

Updates to federal and state tax calculations provide the most current analysis. Some key changes include:

  • Federal tax bracket update
  • Gifting and exclusion updates
  • Social Security annual updates
  • AMT threshold and exemption updates
  • Qualified Business Income (QBI) threshold update
  • State tax rate and deduction updates for:
    • California
    • Vermont
    • Wisconsin
  • SECURE Act updates to remove IRA age contribution restriction

Morningstar updates

Morningstar updates impact asset class rates of return, standard deviations, correlations, and model portfolio weightings.

Miscellaneous improvements

This release delivers miscellaneous improvements to performance, accuracy, and display of results to enhance user functionality and experience.


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