Advicent debuts new NaviPlan interface and retirement planning tool at T3 Advisor Conference

January 30, 2019

The industry-leading NaviPlan® developer calls on advisors to embrace the Third Wave of Financial Planning; predicts a new criteria for modern planning practices

Angela Pecoraro, Chief Executive Officer for industry-leading financial planning technology provider Advicent, demonstrated an entirely new user interface for NaviPlan as well as a new retirement assessment tool powered by NaviPlan during the 2019 T3 Advisor Conference. These two major releases–both scheduled for 2019–support a long-term vision for greater configurability provided to those leveraging the NaviPlan platform.

Targeted for a Q2 release, NaviPlan will receive a top-to-bottom modernization of its user interface. This overhaul will foster greater ease of use among advisors without sacrificing the robust planning functionality on which NaviPlan users rely.

“Our goal with this user interface revamp was to far exceed the visual expectations of the modern-day advisor,” Advicent Chief Technology Officer John Heinen stated ahead of T3 Advisor Conference. “The new path forward for our NaviPlan user interface will provide advisors with greater confidence in client conversations and enable them to convey comprehensive planning strategies with the utmost clarity.”

In the interest of satisfying market demands for greater planning configurability, Advicent also unveiled a new retirement planning experience for NaviPlan – the first of many streamlined planning workflows that the software provider will be bringing to market. Driven by the industry-leading NaviPlan calculation engine, this new retirement feature will enable advisors to begin retirement conversations with minimal initial fact-finding. 

“As the most comprehensive planning software available, we realized that a necessary step toward greater configurability was to begin with delivering a simplified tool to market that empowers greater planning adoption across numerous lines of a firm’s business,” Heinen said. “We cannot wait to share more details on how we will expand upon this foundation throughout 2019 and beyond.”

CEO Pecoraro outlined a sea change currently underway across the financial planning industry – a new era that she believes will be defined as the Third Wave of Financial Planning.

In the CEO’s Wednesday session at T3, “Embrace the Third Wave of Financial Planning,” Pecoraro reflected on the evolutionary advancements to financial planning methodology over the past several decades and how NaviPlan, the flagship planning software for Advicent, will uniquely equip advisors to accommodate a diverse range of demographic and planning strategies.

“Both financial planning as a service and financial planning software continue to saturate every segment of our industry,” Pecoraro said. “We know that numerous firms are still leveraging multiple pieces of software to satisfy multiple planning strategies. We will advance our core planning functionality to accommodate a range of strategies tailored for a range of client demographics.”

According to Pecoraro, this Third Wave is defined by three attributes: a greater synthesis between the cash flow and goals-based models that defined the prior two waves of planning; increased adoption of planning software that provides greater autonomy and configurability to advisors in regards to how they plan; and a proliferation of planning experiences that manifest themselves across numerous digital touchpoints without sacrificing plan comprehension.

“Planning technology won't advance by sacrificing comprehensiveness,” Pecoraro said. “It will evolve by reimagining how firms obtain and engage with the data required to develop comprehensive plans.”

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