Advicent introduces Narrator® product suite with aim to set new standard in client-advisor collaboration

June 06, 2016

Narrator® Clients, Narrator® Advisor, and Narrator® Connect debut

Advicent, the financial technology firm that brought the industry Profiles™, NaviPlan®, Figlo®, and Advisor Briefcase®, introduces the Narrator® product suite featuring Narrator® Clients, Narrator® Advisor, and Narrator® Connect. Narrator Clients and Narrator Advisor work hand-in-hand and are linked in terms of an advisor’s purchase and implementation. Narrator® Connect is designed to provide utility to third-party partners that want to customize features, applications, or tools to meet their company-specific needs.

“In today’s landscape, financial technology not only strengthens the relationship and trust between a client and advisor, it can actually engage the client in a way that it never has before, and allow them to feel at the helm of their financial future,” says Phil Cunningham, CEO of Advicent. “We have always been committed to providing innovative financial products. With the launch of Narrator Clients, we’re confident that we’re pushing the industry forward in a positive direction by linking together every facet of the client journey from start to finish while keeping financial planning at the core.”

As the emphasis on improving client experience and interaction influences many aspects of the advisor business, the arrival of Narrator Clients demonstrates the intention of Advicent to establish a new standard in client-advisor collaboration. The platform provides advisors’ clients with a readily-accessible means of reviewing their entire financial plan, including all related accounts.

The interactive tool features an array of elements that can bolster the client-advisor experience, including streamlined document exchange, trusted account aggregation through Quovo® and real-time access to goals and current personal financial management. The product also features a “financial life timeline,” which allows the client to make forward-projecting calculations and see how different financial decisions will impact their overall wealth management plan.

Alongside Narrator Clients, Advicent has also rolled out Narrator Advisor, a dashboard that provides financial advice professionals with a way to efficiently manage their book of business and harbor analytics that can be used to identify sales opportunities. New adopters of Narrator Clients will have the opportunity to take advantage of the Narrator Advisor platform as a complimentary add-on, as both come with built-in integration with the NaviPlan and Figlo financial planning solutions from Advicent.

“We built this technology to improve the client experience, client-advisor collaboration, and for increased advisor utility. With new mandates from the Department of Labor, the Narrator product suite reinforces the relationship between the two parties and allows advisors to fully grasp the client’s ‘best interests,’ given the expression of goals made and tracked in the software,” says Cory Olson, director of global product management at Advicent.

The Narrator offering is rounded out by Narrator Connect, the enabling technology that provides access to Advicent financial planning data and services via API. Narrator Connect allows third parties to build their own tools and applications using the Advicent platform as a base.

“Narrator Connect allows our partners to develop unique web experiences and tighter integration between core technologies such as financial planning, CRM, and portfolio management. The customizations can be developed by our team or by the third parties that leverage our platform,” explains Olson.

Olson and other members from Advicent will be present at the Pershing Conference in Orlando, FL from June 7-9. Stop by booth 202 for more information on Narrator Clients, Narrator Advisor, and/or other product offerings.

About Advicent

Advicent is the leading provider of SaaS technology solutions for the financial services industry, servicing the world’s largest financial institutions. The Advicent product offering includes the NaviPlan®, Figlo®, and Profiles™ financial planning applications which power our Narrator® Advisor and Narrator® Clients portals; the Advisor Briefcase® marketing communications tool; and the Narrator® Connect application builder which unlocks the power of Advicent APIs. Through our innovative product capabilities and dedicated services, we are able to help thousands of financial professionals and their clients understand and impact their financial future. Everything comes back to our core mission—enabling everyone to understand and impact their financial future. To learn more, visit or email