Advicent releases updates to the Figlo® client-centric planning tool

August 31, 2015

Advicent, the leading provider of SaaS technology solutions for the financial services industry, continues to innovate as it releases the latest version of the Figlo® interactive planning tool today

This release includes updates to goal funding, reporting and increased ease of use.

“We are listening to the market as Figlo adoption increases and rapidly innovates to bring new capabilities to the market,” said Cory Olson, senior product director at Advicent Solutions. “This update will lead to a much larger release in coming months that we’re really excited about. These enhancements and new capabilities will help us enable everyone to understand and impact their financial future.”

Clients want to be more involved in the financial planning process and the need for a comprehensive financial plan is increasing. The Figlo® interactive planning tool caters to the needs of the next generation with the ability for the client to view their financial information from their own home, while continuing to provide the comprehensive financial planning experience they are looking for from financial professionals.

Updates to the Figlo® interactive planning tool include the ability to:

  • Speed up plan creation with integrated College Board database for college costs.
  • Deliver alternative plan scenarios that differentiate goals from the current plan.
  • Distribute better client reporting with new asset categories.

For more information on Figlo®, or to learn more about the Advicent financial planning and marketing communications tools, please contact an Advicent representative at

About Advicent

Advicent is the leading provider of SaaS technology solutions for the financial services industry, servicing the world’s largest financial institutions. The Advicent product offering includes the NaviPlan®Profiles™ and Figlo® financial planning tools, the Advisor Briefcase® marketing tool and the Narrator™ application builder. Through our innovative product capabilities and dedicated services we are able to help thousands of financial professionals and their clients understand and impact their financial future. Our mission? To one day enable everyone to achieve this same goal. To learn more, visit