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In a financial industry that is constantly changing, the one thing that remains the same is your commitment to giving clients your best. Advisor Briefcase® is designed to stimulate client-advisor communication and jump-start the conversations that improve financial advice. Stay front and center of a premium client experience with the Advisor Briefcase marketing communications tool, which allows you to use valuable, professional and personalized material to communicate with the right clients at the right time with just one click.

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You are what you send. Are you sending your best?

A new paradigm in marketing for financial advisors

The adoption of content marketing continues to experience year-over-year growth, and it has proven to be a successful means of communication across a variety of industries — including financial services. Content strategies that are well planned and expertly executed can yield powerful results when looking to strengthen existing relationships and develop a rapport with prospects. The daunting task of becoming a priority for your clients can be achieved by consistently delivering focused, valuable content that positions you as a trusted advisor.

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Advisor Briefcase marketing tool for advisors

Automated, accessible, targeted client communication

Spend more time in front of clients and prospects by letting Advisor Briefcase streamline your communication workload across your entire book of business. Communicate with clients based on interest, investment style, life stage, or any other characteristic and send content specific to their financial needs and goals. Then, use our mobile site to follow up with clients within minutes — no matter where you are.

Ensure compliance with FINRA-reviewed documents

Our FINRA-reviewed articles, newsletters, infographics, and presentations are created by a dedicated team of writers, designers, editors, and industry experts. These materials are designed to foster longterm relationships with a variety of client demographics. By keeping clients informed and educated, Advisor Briefcase can drive higher retention rates and more potential for referrals.

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advisor briefcase illustration FINRA

Measure success with tangible ROI

Only 46 percent of advisors can track their communication efforts (FPA Research and Practice Institute™, 2014).

When growing a successful business, it is important to differentiate yourself from the competition. Advisor Briefcase is built to turn your book of business into a differentiator for success. Well-informed clients are better able to recognize opportunity, seek guidance, and follow long-term plans. Only when clients begin to understand the importance of financial advice can they truly understand the value of their financial advisor.



Elite training and support

Leverage interactive hands-on training and ongoing support to fully integrate our planning application into your business.

You are focused on your clients and your financial plans, not the latest technology. That is where our support staff comes in. We will get you trained to use our tools the way that best fits your business, but support does not stop with training – we will be there to answer questions and teach you best practices for continued success. Here at Advicent, we are committed to your success through implementation and beyond.

Data security and compliance

Your client data is your most important asset – accept nothing less than the best protection for it.

Advicent tools are compliant with the internationally recognized standard of excellence for information security, the ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Code of Practice for Information Security Management Systems (“ISMS”). This certification verifies that Advicent has successfully implemented an ISMS that provides a solid framework for initiating, implementing, maintaining and managing information security within the organization, including:

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  • Powerful physical security
  • Multi-point network security structure
  • Strict administrative security
  • Formal incident management policy
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You are what you send

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