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Narrator® Connect helps your company diversify itself in the marketplace by using our precise calculations. Build upon our calculations with APIs and tell your story with technology. Let us help you realize your potential today.

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With ongoing access to our APIs through our developer portal, your team will have access to continually updated and maintained calculations. This allows your tools to become scalable with less complexities. Your digital strategy is now easier than ever with the ability to develop unique web experiences that integrate with your core technologies. Information can flow seamlessly through your CRM and portfolio management tool, which will simplify your sales funnel while adhering to a consistent customer experience. Narrator Connect empowers your company to build a custom solution that is tailored to your brand and your vision.

Professional services from Advicent

Our professional services team provides world-class consulting services for your firm that enable you to successfully adopt intuitive, supportable, and integrated solutions that align with your vision.

We engineer, deploy, and support solutions that create value for all our clients by providing the means to tell their unique story through technological capabilities, concise configuration, and insightful training collateral that communicates their vision. Through these strategies, we enable your advisors to focus on what matters most – clients.

Customizable business solutions

Applications that institutions and FinTech innovators are building with Narrator Connect include: 

  • Automated goal-based investment platforms
  • Lead generation and client onboarding applications
  • Integrated financial portals for clients with access to financial plans, personal financial management, account aggregation, document collaboration
  • Advisor workstations and client collaboration tools
Narrator Connect

Financial planning capabilities

By leveraging our calculations via APIs, your company can simplify the development process by taking the complexity out of customizing your digital experience. Tell your story with Narrator Connect by building tools that incorporate investments, insurance, wealth management, goal-based planning, education, major purchases, advanced financial planning, and personal financial management.

Narrator Connect case study

Zwitserleven, a European leading provider of life insurance and retirement solutions, wanted a solution that could help them meet compliance demands on pension communication—but also a solution that would go beyond that. They traditionally had a reputation of being exclusive to the wealthy and elderly, but they want to present themselves in a whole new way online to appeal to a younger crowd.

In order to meet their goals, we used Narrator Connect to create animations that were both fun and would inspire the customer to take action. Although they are entertaining, these tools are not just gimmicks. In fact, they are potentially one of the only channels available to get that much information up front from a consumer without a face-to-face meeting.

Although we relied on animation, the platform also needed to be sophisticated so that it did not alienate existing Zwitserleven clients. Together with Zwitserleven, we developed a tool that allows Zwitserleven’s clients to use their government-issued login (DigID) to enter all pension benefit data. After they enter some basic information, the tool incorporates calculations with a very simple interface. It is quick to use, gives instant feedback, and is, above all, intuitive - which every Internet user expects. These calculations solve Zwitserleven’s original issue of compliant communication by using data integration to make it simple and efficient instead of creating red tape.

This is what true differentiation is – it is not just changing colors or logos, but creating a truly unique client journey and digital client experience that spans the entirety of your firm’s interactions with an individual — from before they meet you to the experience they have in your office to the portal that they use to check in post-appointment.

With Narrator Connect, we were able to achieve all of this in only 12 weeks, helping keep client costs and turnaround time to a minimum.


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Utilizing APIs to increase revenue through a better client experience

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