NaviPlan client portalNaviPlan client portal

Empower your clients with the collaborative NaviPlan® client portal. This interactive client portal gives advisors and their clients insight into their personal financial plan anytime, anywhere with transparency and guaranteed security. Our client portal seamlessly and proactively connects advisors to their clients throughout the client journey with 24/7 accessibility and analytics to inspire action and communication.

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Become your clients' financial advisor and life coach

In the journey of the client-advisor relationship, the NaviPlan client portal helps you invest in one asset you cannot get more of – time.

It allows you to focus on your relationship with your clients in an age where advisors are now a "life coach." This tool empowers the holistic collaborative relationship by linking together every facet of the client journey from start to finish. Our client portal provides transparency in the face of changing industry regulation and offers a platform for fostering collaboration, building trust, and improving client retention in the process.

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I liked how easy it was to use this [application]. It is very user-friendly and all of the information is set forth in a logical manner. The graphs make it easy to see where money is going.

- Bank website user

Engage with clients through account aggregation and collaborative fact finding.

Collaborative fact finding for NaviPlan

Fact Finder

With the collaborative fact finder in the NaviPlan client portal, advisors save time by reducing repetitive data collection and data entry and provide clients with a simple, interactive data-capturing experience. By facilitating a rapid onboarding experience through fact finder tools, advisors will spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focusing on tasks that increase revenue for the firm while clients enter information quickly and securely.


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Save valuable time with account aggregation

The NaviPlan client portal includes account aggregation capabilities through Quovo®, saving you the headache of extensive data input. This saved time opens the doors for you to consistently engage with your clients and scale your business in the process. The efficiency of our client portal gives you the opportunity to strengthen the client-advisor relationship and save you time without sacrificing quality.

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Elite training and support

Leverage interactive hands-on training and ongoing support to fully integrate our planning application into your business.

You are focused on your clients and your financial plans, not the latest technology. That is where our support staff comes in. We will get you trained to use our financial planning software in the way that best fits your business, but support does not stop with training. We will be there to answer questions and teach you best practices for continued success. Here at Advicent, we are committed to your success from implementation and beyond.

We offer custom product configuration based on your practice and professional guidance through videos, reference guides, and functional documents to further engage with the newest product features.

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Whitepaper | The importance of client journey mapping and how to get started

Download our whitepaper to learn more about the benefits of client journey mapping and how to start the process.

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