eBook | 5 simple digital marketing tips for advisors

June 1, 2018 by Andy Penkalski

about the author:

Andy Penkalski

Director, marketing

Andy oversees the breadth of go-to-market initiatives for Advicent, including product marketing, lead generation, public relations, and partner learning and development. He is interested in always discovering new tools for brands and businesses to more effectively reach their audience and improve metrics for success within their own organization.

Still expecting new results from the same old marketing tactics?

Marketing has shifted from a primarily outbound strategy to a more inbound strategy, and many businesses are struggling to keep up. Traditional marketing tactics are becoming less effective, and it is now increasingly about pulling in or engaging clients digitally through relevant thought leadership content.

In this eBook, Advicent and Twenty Over Ten outline five key tips for advisors when trying to develop a successful overall marketing strategy without breaking the bank.

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