Advicent provides scalable technology to meet the needs of any client, from mass affluent to ultra-high-net-worth clients, while ensuring organizational compliance with changing regulation. Quickly identify the needs of each client while providing credible investment advice backed by a tangible plan. Provide the highest level of data security, easily expand your services offerings, and unlock enormous potential for cross-selling.

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The effects of insufficient technology

Many enterprise firms suffer from a lack of fluidity in their technology stack causing the various business channels to become siloed. This makes cross-departmental communication and capitalizing on up-sell and cross-sell opportunities across their client base immensely difficult. Additionally, this lack of fluidity causes many firms to provide an inconsistent, sub-par client experience. While an exceptional digital client experience is becoming increasingly important, it is not simple to create for large organizations in an industry that has a tough regulatory environment, a diverse array of clients, and a complex suite of products.

With the widespread use of technology in the financial services industry, enterprise organizations must differentiate themselves from the competition in order to appeal to a broader range of clients. Digital firms will win because consumers are already demanding that technology play a role in advisor-client relationships.

Advicent is the answer

Advicent empowers firms to connect their different business lines into one cohesive user experience. By utilizing technology tools from Advicent, firms can build bridges between different silos throughout the organization. When these silos are connected, firms are enabled to easily share information across platforms. This seamless digital advisor and client experience creates countless opportunities to engage more clients in more services.

Not only will this exceptional digital experience positively impact the firm's bottom line, it will boost client satisfaction, deepen relationships, and improve efficiency. Advicent technology enables advisors to provide a fully customizable, integrated, and differentiated experience to clients. Accelerate your technology roadmap and increase your speed to market, enabling advisors to achieve growth goals through client acquisition and deeper relationships.

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Enterprise financial planning software to consider

NaviPlan is the financial services industry leader for detailed tax planning, advanced solutions, and ultra high-net-worth clients, yet it is flexible enough to produce quick, goal-based assessments on the fly.

Profiles makes it simple for you to provide your clients a goal-based plan, add credibility to your recommendations, and establish a repeatable process with holistic financial analysis, FINRA-compliant reporting, and high data security. 

Narrator Connect helps your company diversify itself in the marketplace by using our precise calculations. Build upon our calculations with APIs and tell your story with technology. Let us help you realize your potential today.


Key benefits of an Advicent partnership

    Advicent, having focused on enterprise-level solutions since 1969, has the knowledge and implementation strategies in place to solve for the needs of 12 the top 25 North American banks and seven of the top 10 U.S. insurance companies. Through our decades of experience, we have become the premier financial planning technology firm with the skill and agility to create a solution that allows a firm to tell its own unique story while empowering its advisors to grow their client base.
    How to remain relevant to your customers in 2020

    How to remain relevant to your customers in 2020

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