Advicent provides scalable technology to meet the needs of any client. With a streamlined planning process, you will save valuable time and create opportunities to serve more clients. Establish yourself as the trusted financial life coach with personalized advice. Our holistic financial planning solutions will enable you to remain competitive in the growing financial services market while ensuring the highest level of data security for your clients.

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Losing clients due to digital attrition

Digital attrition is not a new term, but it is something relatively new to the financial planning industry. Why should digital attrition be a concern? Sixty-six percent of high-net-worth individuals, globally, would leave their wealth manager due to a lack of integration between digital and traditional channels (Capgemini, 2016). These percentages will only increase over time as Generation X and Millennials continue to accrue wealth and begin to realize the importance of retirement planning.

This begs the question: Is your firm prepared to meet the expectations of a growing number of consumers? If you do not begin to utilize technology in your core offerings, your customers will leave and you will be hard-pressed to attract replacements.

FinTech tools now provide ways for advisors to save time on data entry, client communication, and comprehensive plan creation, allowing the firm to onboard more clients. However, many mid-size firms struggle with making room in their budget to implement new technology in their business and compete with large, enterprise organizations.

Advicent is the answer

Advicent empowers mid-size firms to provide a digitally-responsive, integrated experience to clients for an extremely reasonable cost (that is easy to implement). We provide a client portal experience and an advisor dashboard experience that work with both Figlo®, a powerful goal-based financial planning tool, and NaviPlan®, the industry-leading cash flow management tool.

Advicent offers a new digital experience for both you and your clients, putting financial planning at the core. Our client portal solution, Narrator® Clients, shatters industry expectations of user experience, ease of use, integration (account aggregation powered by Quovo), and price. Do not be a statistic to digital attrition. Get ahead of the curve; Advicent is giving you the chance.

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Tools to consider

NaviPlan is the financial services industry leader for detailed tax planning, advanced solutions, and ultra high-net-worth clients, yet it is flexible enough to produce quick, goal-based assessments on the fly.

Profiles makes it simple for you to provide your clients a goal-based plan, add credibility to your product recommendations, and establish a repeatable process with holistic financial analysis, FINRA-compliant reporting, and high data security.

Narrator Clients enables firms to provide an exceptional digital client experience through 24/7 access to the financial plan, increased client-advisor collaboration, and an easy-to-use interface.

Advisor Briefcase allows you to educate your clients with real-time information while leveraging technology to deepen relationships and promote efficiency.



Key benefits of an Advicent partnership

Advicent, with our decades of financial planning experience, has the knowledge and implementation strategies in place to solve for the needs of 12 the top 25 north American banks and seven of the top 10 U.S. insurance companies. We have become the premier financial planning technology firm with the skill and agility to create a solution that allows firms of all sizes to tell their own unique story while empowering their advisors to grow the firm's client base.

How to remain relevant to your customers in 2020

How to remain relevant to your customers in 2020

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