Whitepaper | Competing with robo-advisors & increasing regulation

March 14, 2017 by Katelyn Rattray

Competing with robo-advisors and increasing regulation whitepaper cover

About the author:

Katelyn Rattray

Senior content marketing specialist

Katelyn strives to deliver high-quality educational content to advisors in the financial services industry. She enjoys collaborating with all departments to showcase the thought leadership through the organization and leverage the knowledge and expertise of the Advicent team. Katelyn hopes to empower advisors with tools to boost their marketing efforts through content marketing and technology.

Whitepaper | Competing with robo-advisors & increasing regulation

There is an abundance of tools today that financial services firms can leverage to increase efficiency and advisor productivity. Due to shifting advisor, client, and industry expectations, it can become difficult to determine which tools will allow the firm to combat the various pressures throughout the industry.

Ultimately, firms must empower advisors to generate more revenue, remain competitive, and ensure compliance with efficient and repeatable processes. It is imperative to consider major industry trends when determining the tools that will best fit—and enhance—the digital strategy of a firm.

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