Guided Retirement

The Guided Retirement tool is a new retirement planning assessment in NaviPlan that helps advisors provide visually engaging financial needs analysis after entering only one data point – income.

Healthcare planning

Utilize Aivante healthcare projections to illustrate personalized medical expenses for clients during retirement.

Collaborative meetings

Develop trust with your clients and prospects by taking a collaborative approach to retirement planning.

Streamline compliance

Standardize your planning process to limit time spent ensuring that plans are compliant. Additionally, make financial planning adoption simple with easy to understand processes.

Gain insight

Illustrate retirement needs online with one client data point – income. Let the NaviPlan calculation engine take care of the rest with smart assumptions and integrations.

See the Guided Retirement tool in action

See a demonstration of the NaviPlan Guided Retirement tool as part of the workflow to build a full retirement objective coverage report in five minutes below.

Latest update | NaviPlan 21.0

Our latest version of NaviPlan delivers annual updates to tax and Morningstar values.

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By leveraging smart assumptions powered by AI in the new NaviPlan Guided Retirement assessment, advisors can do far more with less.

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